Calendar of Events


PRIZE DRAWINGS DEC 21st – FREE 1 hr massage

FEB 16th – FREE year pass to Stone Mountain


Here's how to get additional tickets(after donation):

  • Kept Appointment (initially w/o rescheduling)=1 ticket
  • Attend a Healthcare Talk=5 tickets
  • Write an online review at =7 tickets
  • Refer a friend =10 tickets
  • Set up a company workshop (for Dr. Whitney to speak at your place of business)= 15 tickets

Below are some of the items needed for the shelter facility as well as the women who depend on them:

  • School Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Vitamins
  • Diapers
  • Formula
  • Hygiene Products
  • Ladies Underwear/Socks
  • Books/Educational
  • Materials

Complete 2012 Christmas Wish List

77 Highlighters
77 Pens and Pencils
177 CD Walkman with batteries
77 Travel Alarm Clocks
177 Disposable Cameras
77 Three ring binders
77 AA Big Books
77 AA 12-Steps & 12 Tradition Books
77 Pocket dictionaries
177 Laundry Bags
177 Pocket Calendars
177 Daily Meditation / Devotional Books

177 Wallets and purses

177 Watches
177 Bibles (preferably NIV - easy to read)
177 Hats and/or ear muffs
177 Soap Containers
177 Water Bottles
77Pocket Mirrors

77 Decorative Scarves

77 Shower Caddies
77 Bathrobes
77 Nightgowns
177 House Slippers
177 Totes and Socks
177 Toothbrush Holders
177 Portable Umbrellas
77 Kaboodles (make up cases)
77 Packages of ladies underwear
77 Cardigan Sweaters (mostly Med – XL)
177 Tote Bags or Book Bags
177 Nail Clippers and Nail Files
177 Panty Hose/Knee Highs
177 Bubble Baths and Lotions
177 Earrings and other Jewelry
177 Plastic Cups/Tumblers
177 Hair Combs and Brushes
177 Movie Theater Gift Cards

Facility Needs

28 desk lamps
28 bulletin boards
28 full-length mirrors
28 alarm clocks
Large screen TV
VCR/DVD Player
Digital Camera
Projection Screen

Portable microphone sound system

General Needs:

Scotch Tape and Wrapping Paper
Christmas Cards and Postage Stamps,
Travel Packs of Kleenex
First Aid Supplies:
(Band-Aids,Neosporin,etc.) Hand Soap, Sanitizers, Disinfectant Spray
Baby Care:
Diapers, Pull-Ups and Wipes, Teething gel, Pedialyte, Infant Gas, Decongestant, Saline and Ear drops Thermometers
Underwear (all sizes)
MARTA Breeze Cards and Phone Cards
School and Office Supplies

We ask donors
to refrain from giving candy to any of the residents of My Sister's House

General Information:
My Sister's House houses up to 264 womens and children

60% of our ladies wear medium sizes
25% of our ladies wear large sizes
15% of our ladies wear extra large sizes

Please contact: Melissa Clayton, Volunteer Services Director at 404-367-2473 for additional information on this list. If at all possible, we would sincerely appreciate receiving your gift items by Friday, December 21st. Please call to pre-arrange drop off of gifts. Thank you for your kind generosity!